Take Care Of SARS before SARS takes care of you.

Do you actually know your tax status or assume that since you have not heard from sARS then you are good.

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A tax submission is not you making payment, or receiving a refund, at best if you have the ability to do your own taxes then this procedure is you calculating how much tax you owe, but it is better to have an accountant do that for you, there might be some changes that you are not clued up on that need an accountant with the expertise to make sure that everything is accurate.

We can not stress the importance of making your tax submission, this is an area that is often neglectedvby businesses when they start making an income, the assumption is that all is well since the first year of operating comes with a tax clearance certificate that makes people think that they can go on a spending spree. 

Then without warning since SARS does not announce when they will be doing their due dilligence then you get a huge bill notice, it is best to get to it as soon as possible. 

Ninjalo Consultants is home to professional accounting expertise that your company needs, it is our job to make sure that you take care of SARS before SARS takes care of you.


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